Proudly South African. 

Activist, Digital Communicator, Social Entrepreneur, and Speaker. 

I care about people. 

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About me

Hi, and thank you for taking the time to go through my website.

I’m the Managing Director and co-founder of THAT Network, a social enterprise that bridges the gap between the creative community and the clients who need their services.

I’m a community activist and play a vocal role in advocating for the preservation of Cape Malay oral history. I give voice to the voiceless by shedding light on issues of gentrification, race-relations, identity, wealth inequality, intergenerational gaps, and transgenerational trauma. My activism has awarded me the opportunity of addressing both local and international audiences of all ages on these issues, and more. My career as a Speaker has also included talks, and training & development workshops around digital communications, branding, social media, and entrepreneurship.


I’m passionate about youth development and believe that by fostering a nation of entrepreneurial thinkers, we’ll be able to overcome many of the social ills which affect our country’s people.


I knew from the age of 12 that being an Entrepreneur was my fate and by taking the road less travelled, I’ve been able to build a career that is less about me and more about laying the path for those who will come after me.


I offer a range of services that help individuals and organisations actualise their goals. See more below or get in touch to chat about out how we can change the world together.


THAT Network

A social enterprise that bridges the gap between the creative community and clients who need their services. THAT Network also offers a range of training and development opportunities for creatives, which helps them turn their talents into careers. Click below to find out more.

Stories of Bo-Kaap

Stories of Bo-Kaap is a storytelling platform that uses oral history and digital media to empower & document the lives of people who identify as Cape Malay.

More information coming soon...

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