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My speaking career began organically in 2018 and has focussed heavily on my work within the social justice sector. I’ve since had the opportunity to address dozens of audiences, talking about a range of topics under two main umbrellas.


I've been blessed to have shared my story with students from universities all over the world, including the University of Edinburgh, University of Cape Town, Northwestern University and the University of Michigan. I've been invited to speak at high schools across the Western Cape, in religious institutions, incubators and community gatherings.


In 2019 I began accepting speaking opportunities relating to my professional career and most notably, was awarded a slot at the “Entrepreneur 2020 Summit – A gear-up for a new decade” speaking about the future of Influencer Marketing.


I’ve spoken publicly on the following topics:


1: Social Justice & Activism


  • Identity (Coloured identity and identity politics in South Africa)

  • Gentrification and anti-gentrification movements within the Western Cape

  • Realities of modern Muslim women in South Africa

  • Cape Malay heritage

  • Generational gaps

  • Youth in traditionalists societies

2: Professional career

  • Approaching brands for sponsorship

  • Social Media trends

  • Building a powerful Personal Brand

  • Trends in Digital Marketing

Public Speaking

Selfie after addressing a group of American students on the realities of life in Bo-Kaap
Selfie with fellow speakers after speaking about Personal Branding at a SheSaid.So event in Cape Tow
Post guest-lecture selfie with students from across the world, in SA on an exchange programme
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