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Shakirah Dramat is an award-winning Social Entrepreneur and Speaker, who works at the intersection of art, content, and business to contribute to the social development and economic growth of the African continent. This manifests in her being the Founder of TN Enterprises. Under this stable, she acts as the Chief Strategist at THAT Network, an artist development agency that bridges the gap between clients and creatives; and is the Managing Director at TN Communications - a socially conscious digital communications agency, offering organisations a wide variety of online marketing & communications services, including social media management, digital strategy, influencer campaigns, content creation and more.

Shakirah is a highly skilled professional with a diverse range of expertise and a nuanced understanding of the South African business landscape. While her primary specialisation lies within the digital communications space, she has proven herself to be a strong leader and is able to tailor her skills to suit the needs of the client or project at hand.


She's an activist at heart and has chosen business, content, and art as her mediums for bringing about change. She's addressed local and international audiences on stages and public platforms across South Africa; presenting motivational talks and keynotes on topics that span from activism to entrepreneurship, and has also hosted innovative training and development workshops on digital communications, market trends, and the business landscape.

She's extremely passionate about youth development and believes that fostering entrepreneurial thinking in young people can help redress many of the socio-economic issues affecting our continent. 

Shakirah Dramat from Bo-Kaap. Photo by

Shakirah has added value to:

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Fast Random Facts about Shakirah

  • From Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa

  • Is the firstborn of all her siblings

  • Her favourite genre of music is Drum & Bass

  • She values loyalty and transparency

  • She loves traveling

  • Doesn’t take herself too seriously

  • Is 1.82m tall

  • Loves YouTube documentaries

  • Can only reply to emails from her laptop

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